The Tower

Season Om Mist

Release: 27.SEP 2013

Format: Digipak

The Malefactor´s
Bloody Register

Dark Essence Records

Release: 04.OCT 2010

Format: Jewel Case

The Dystopia Journals

Dark Essence Records

Release: 2007

Format: Digipack/Jewel Case


Ragnarok Records


Release 2010

Format: Vinyl


The Benevolent Pawn

Demo 2005


The Enemy Within

Demo 2004


The Sleeper

Demo 2003






The Tower Falls Tour


Bergen show


We will take some time of from the work on our next album to do a special show in our hometown. Here we will do a extended set featuring new and old VI songs.

European tour with Arcturus


We had a great time in Finland, so we are pleased to tell you that we will join Arcturus for 8 shows accross Europe in May.

Carpathian Alliance cancellation


Due to the financial situation in the Ukraine, Carpathian alliance have been forced to cancel parts of this years line-up. For more information please visit the festival website.

Mini tour


It might not make sense, but this year the Vultures will come with the snow. See you in Vilnius, Tallinn and Helsinki in February 2015!

Helsinki show


We join our countrymen Arcturus, for a very special night in Helsinki early next year.

Rockstadt Extreme Fest


We will return to Romania for a special show at Rockstadt Extreme Fest next year.

Carpathian Alliance


We will visit the Ukraine for the first time next year. See you at the Carpathian Alliance!

New gig in Pilsen


We have added a show in Pilsen (CZ) on the 3'rd of October. Check the tour section.

Branches tour - part 2


Turning Golem is still going ahead!


Even though the Headway Festival unfortunately got canceled, We are happy to say that the Turning Golem show will still go ahead as planed on P60 in cooperation with the Headway crew. As a bonus we have even been able to extend the playing time with some extra songs! For more info check the P60 website!

Branches tour!


We will tour europe in May together with our friends Dordeduh and Blutmond. For more info follow us on facebook!

Headway festival coming up!


One of the last ever possibilities to see the Turning Golem show draws near!

Norwegian Hellcamp!


Vulture Industries have been added to the line up of Norwegian Hellcamp. The event will take place in Schweinfurt in Germany on the 4'th of October 2014. Find more info here

Dong Open Air!


We will once again return to haunt the hills of mount moshmore. See you at Dong Open Air!

Kilkim Zaibu!


Vulture Industries is confirmed for Kilkim Zaibu XV in Varnai, Lithuania. We hear rumors that this is a very nice festival, so we are keen to find out!

A special show in Paris!


We're doing a exclusive show in Paris. It will include the theatre performance "Turning Golem" with most of the music from our latest album "The Tower"!

Find more info on FB!

"Great reviews for "The Tower"!


We are thrilled to see "The Tower" is getting rave reviews all over the place. So far we have:
89/100 POINTS! @ Lords Of Metal
88/100 POINTS! @
88/100 POINTS! @
85/100 POINTS! @ Rock Tribune
85/100 POINTS! @
71/100 POINTS! @ Aardschok

9,88/10 POINTS! @
9,2/10 POINTS! @
9/10 POINTS! @
9/10 POINTS! @
9/10 POINTS! @
9/10 POINTS! @
9/10 POINTS! @
8,5/10 POINTS! @
8,5/10 POINTS! @ Versus Magazine
8,5/10 POINTS! @
8,5/10 POINTS! @
8,5/10 POINTS! @
8,5/10 POINTS! @
8/10 POINTS! @ Metal Hammer UK
8/10 POINTS! @ Metal Hammer NO
8/10 POINTS! @ Ghost Cult Magazine
8/10 POINTS! @
8/10 POINTS! @ Rock Hard FR
8/10 POINTS! @
8/10 POINTS! @
8/10 POINTS! @ Queens of Steel

6/7 POINTS! @ Metal Hammer DE
5,5/7 POINTS! @

6/6 POINTS! @
5,5/6 POINTS! @ Spark Rock Magazine
5/6 POINTS! @ Metallian

5/5 POINTS! @
4/5 POINTS! @
17/20 POINTS! @

"Lost Among Liars" animated video


Check out the brilliant animation video made for "Lost Among Liars" by our friend Costin Chioreanu!

"The Tower" coverart, pre order and new merchandize


We are proud to present you the artwork for our upcoming album "The Tower". The artwork was done by the brilliant Costin Chioreanu and different designs are made especialy for the vinyl and cd editions. Theese, together with new merch designs by Mr. Costin is now avaliable for pre-order in our webshop and from Season Of Mist.


"The Tower" lyrics video premiere


We are proud to unveil the lyrics video for the titletrack of our upcoming album "The Tower". The video was designed by Fabien Laubry and features the brilliant artwork of Costin Chioreanu made for the album.

You can also check it out on theese pages:
Kaaoszine (FI)
Lords Of Metal (NL)
Pyro (NO)
Rockerillia (IT)
Terrorizer (UK)
VS webzine (FR)

Phantoms Of Pilsen 2013


We will once again return to haunt Pilsen. This time together with the glorious and vile Happy Gorilla Dance Company.

The Tower


Coal Tour


We are due to hit the road in September for a series of European dates guesting LEPROUS on the first leg of their European Coal Tour. Starting in VULTURE INDUSTRIES home country of Norway on the 13th September, the tour routing is as follows:

13/9: John Dee, Oslo, Norway
14/9: Tribute, Sandnes, Norway
15/9: Buddy, Drammen, Norway
16/9: Parkbiografen, Skien, Norway
17/9: Musikken Hus, Gothenburg, Sweden
18/9: Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden
20/9: Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland
21/9: A2/Sputnik, St Petersburg, Russia
22/9: Tapper Club, Tallinn, Estonia
24/9: TBC, Gdansk, Poland
25/9: Progresja, Warsaw, Poland
26/9: Kwadrat, Kracow, Poland
27/9: Alte Zuckerfabrik, Rostock, Germany
28/9: Beta, Copenhagen, Denmark

Turning Golem


We are thrilled to return to Transylvania!

And Now For Something Completely Different...


Phantoms Of Pilsen 6


Once again we will head to The Czech Republic to rouse the Phantoms of Pilsen.

Season Of Mist


We are pleased to make known that we have sold our collective souls to the record company known as Season of Mist. We pray that our souls will be handled with care as they have long been dear to us. Still, we are sure season of mist has the musical integrity for a thriving relationship and we have pledged them the release of our next album.

Orkan turne


We will join forces with Taake and Helheim for a short tour of Norway in March and May.

The dates are:


Checkpoint Charlie, Stavanger, Norway


Energimølla, Kongsberg, Norway


Betong, Oslo, Norway

Vulture Industries for the first time in Finland and Sweden


We are pleased to inform that we will perform for the first time in Finland and Sweden this month. The gigs are in Helsinki and Stockholm on the 23'rd and 24'th. For theese shows Specter (Gravdal/Aeternus) will stand in for Eivind on guitars.

The dates are:


On The Rocks, Helsinki, Finland


RoQ, Stockholm, Sweden

Three special shows 2012


We will play three shows in February where we will perform a special set including some parts by my favourite band, namely Devil Doll. Also making a guest appearance for some of the set will be TAAKE front man Hoest.

The dates are:


Midnight Live Club, Bovisio Masciago, Italy


Dirty Skunks 10'th Anniversary, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Blue Hell, Budapest, Hungary

Hellfest 2012


We are proud to be among the first bands released for next years Hellfest line-up. See you in Clisson!


For more info:


A Special gig!


We will do a spesial gig in our hometown of Bergen on the 01 of October. Here we will play songs almost never performed live before. We will also have a couple of friends visit us on stage.


For more info:



New shirts!


We have some great new shirt designs avaliable for order in the web shop featuring our currently unnamed new figurehead. We're also blowing out the rest of the stock on some older shirts, so watch out for some great bargains.




Mini tour!


We have 4 gigs in europe lined up for next week. We'll be haunting new places, and visiting old fiends. Check the tour section for details.





New shirts!


We have some great new shirt designs avaliable for order in the web shop featuring our currently unnamed new figurehead. We're also blowing out the rest of the stock on some older shirts, so watch out for some great bargains.




Dong Open Air


We will play this years Dong Open Air Festival at Neukirchen-Vluyn in Germany. Our performance is set for Saturday 16 July. For more info:

Dong Open Air


Supporting Enslaved in Paris


We will open for Enslaved and Negura Bunget on the show in Nouveau Casino in Paris on the 25'th of April. We hear tickets are selling fast for this gig, so be sure to secure your tickets fast here:


Vulture Industries live on Metal Camp

We're happy to announce that Vulture Industries is confirmed for this years Metal Camp festival in Slovenia. For more information check out:










New live dates added



Check the live section for updated tour dates for this year. Mostly Norwegian dates so far, but a couple of foreign festivals and events also. See you all on the road!



"The Malefactor's Bloody Register" out in Europe today



Our new album was released in Europe today. So far the feedback has been very good with 14/15 pts. in Legacy Magazine, 5/6 pts. in, 5/6 in Østlendingen, 9/10 in Don't Count on It Reviews and 4/6 in Scream and Norway Rock Magazine.


Tour date changes


The release party for "The Malefactor's Bloody Register" set to Hulen on the 8'th of October has been moved to Garage, Bergen and the new date is the 19'th of November. There is also a date change on the Dark Essence Tour 2010. The gig Korigan/Luynes, France has been moved to Saturday the 30'th of October and on Friday the 29'th the tour will instead visit Werk 21, Zürich, Switzerland.


The Malefactor's Bloody Package


The Malefactor's Bloody Register is now ready for order. Get your exclusive CD and t-shirt package from the Vulture Industries Webshop! for only 25 €. In the new Vulture Industries webshop you also have the option to order your cd's and vinyls signed by the band!


You can also order "The Malefactor's Bloody Register" from theese shops:



Karisma & Dark Essence Records



Plastic Head



Album details revealed


Finally the dates have been set for the release on Dark Essence Records our sophomore album. The album will be out on CD and digital format on the 13’th of September in Norway and the 4’th of October in Europe. The album has the title “The Malefactor’s Bloody Register”. As last time it’s recorded at Conclave & Earshot Studios by Bjørnar Nilsen, who is also the our front man, the album was mastered by Brian Gardner (ISIS, NIN, DAVID BOWIE), and features a guest appearance by ENSLAVED’s Herbrand Larsen on Hammond Organ, as well as special guests on cello, viola and saxophone. “The Bolted Door”, a track from “The Malefactor’s Bloody Register” is now streaming on our MySpace.


Track listing for “The Malefactor’s Bloody Register” is as follows:

1. Crooks & Sinners

2. Race For The Gallows

3. The Hangman’s Hatch

4. The Bolted Door

5. This Cursed Flesh

6. I Hung My Heart On Harrow Square

7. Crowning The Cycle

8. Of Branded Blood


“The Malefactor’s Bloody Register” explores the theme of crime and punishment from the perspective of both the criminal and the hangman, and once again we have been lucky enough to persuade Helge Jordal, one of Norway’s most renowned character actors to appear on the cover of the album. Jordal had agreed to be featured in the artwork for “The Dystopia Journals” after listening to the album, and his collaboration with the band continues with “The Malefactor’s Bloody Register”, for which he takes on the role of the Hangman, and is photographed in brandishing a law-book and clutching a noose.


Norwegian tour


We are due to support TRISTANIA in Norway in late September, early October. The dates can be found in the tour section. We'll also hit the road to promote the album with label-mates TAAKE, HELHEIM and SULPHUR during October and November, as well as appearing at the Labyrinthic Metal Evening in Bucharest on the 16th October along with Sweden’s SHINING.


Webshop back on-line


After a long wait the webshop is now back on-line. We have updated it with some more shirts and the new The Dystopia Journals vinyl version out tomorrow on Ragnarok Records.


The Dystopia Journals 12" out


Tuesday 3rd August sees the release on vinyl of Vulture Industries’ “The Dystopia Journals”, on the US label Ragnarok Records. The vinyl version comes as a Double LP, limited to 500 copies, in 180g vinyl with a 350g gatefold jacket and includes the bonus track “Ende”, and a double-sided poster. Track listing on the album as follows:


Side A: 1. Pills of Conformity, 2. Blood Don't Flow Streamlined

Side B: 3. A Path of Infamy,4. Soulcage, 5. The Crumbling Realm

Side C: 6. The Benevolent Pawn 7. Grim Apparitions

Side D: 8. To Sever the Hand of Corruption 9. Ende


New Live Dates


The live section has been updated with a couple of new live dates for 2010. We'll be visiting Romania for the first time in October, which we are very much looking forward to. On the 5'th of June We'll be performing at Garage, Bergen where we will do a exclusive live preview of a couple of songs from the upcoming album. New Album In The Works 06.05.10 We are currently bussy mixing the new VI album. So far 5 of 7 tracks are mixed and we are mighty pleased with the ressults. The album is scheduled for mastering on the 25'th of june.

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